The end of the year is always a special time to reflect on the achievements we have attained along the way. For the old year closed, Binh Minh Aquaculture Development Co., Ltd. is joyful to organize the year-end meeting program. We extend our gratitude to agents and customers with our company for providing quality shrimp postlarvae to farmers and working towards our shared goal: “For the farmer’s postlarvae – For the position of Vietnamese shrimp in the global shrimp market.”

The customer conference and New Year 2021 celebration were held at CB DIAMOND PALACE – Conference Banquet Center, Can Tho City. Our company believes that the most effective approach to welcoming the new year is to bid farewell to the old year and reflect on the experiences of the past year. This belief is the primary motivation for the implementation of the Customer Conference and the New Year 2021 welcome program by the Organizing Committee.

The program starts with a Spring song, cultivating a joyful atmosphere with the wish for a favorable, comfortable, and fulfilling new year. This is followed by awarding activities that acknowledge the accomplishments of agents, along with their sharing of experiences in learning about Binh Minh Domesticated Shrimp Postlarvae.

The activities are held to create an attachment between the agents and our company. The agent is not only a partner but also a friend, a companion in delivering quality shrimp postlarvae. The common goal is to help poor farming households to develop better, enhancing the shrimp industry’s reputation with increasingly prestigious quality and its own brand, especially for farmers in the Mekong Delta. The selection of traditional seeds in the current constantly changing environment is not effective. Therefore, our company’s aim is to select seeds that are efficient and high yielding.

“In the beginning, I was just an ordinary shrimp farmer, constantly seeking quality postlarvae to improve my family’s economy and guide farmers to develop together. After successfully farming and accepting the quality of Binh Minh Domesticated Black Tiger Shrimp, I believed that this company produced quality postlarvae. Attending the conference has enabled me to share and gain more experiences in cultivating domesticated black tiger shrimp,” shared Mr. Nguyen Huu Minh.

To welcome 2021, Binh Minh Domesticated Shrimp Postlarvae Company is constantly improving its production process to provide high-quality postlarvae This is the gift we aim to extend to our farmers. This year, we plan to organize community activities aimed at providing new information, knowledge, and skills for farmers. Therefore, let’s continue to follow and accompany Binh Minh Domesticated Shrimp Postlarvae.

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