After more than 5 years of formation and development, Binh Minh Aquaculture Development Company Limited has gradually found a solid direction and affirmed step by step the “Binh Minh Domesticated Postlarvae Shrimp” brand in the hearts of shrimp farmers throughout the country.

With the direction of product specialization, Binh Minh has chosen the optimal postlarvae for each characteristic farming model in Vietnam. Additionally, we continuously implement research programs and improve various effective shrimp farming models to reduce production costs, increase yields, and protect the environment. These models include high-density white-leg shrimp farming using microbiological technology without water exchange (Bio-Balance Aquaculture – BBA), domesticated black tiger shrimp farming in pond-lined, and extensive farming of white-leg shrimp with probiotics. These efforts have contributed to assisting farmers in adapting better to climate change, capturing market trends, and fostering a strong bond between farmers and our company.

In 2019 and early 2020, to mark developmental milestones, review the journey thus far, and give directions for the coming years, we organized a series of customer appreciation programs to share achievements with people from near and far regions.


Additionally, the program is also an opportunity for the company to express gratitude to exemplary members who have made significant contributions to Binh Minh’s current success.

At the conference, Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh – General Director of Binh Minh Aquaculture Development Company Limited, on behalf of the company and distributors, expressed gratitude to our partners for their close cooperation and support for our products in the past years, despite the ongoing challenges in the aquaculture industry.

Today’s success is the result of constant efforts and the trust of the entire agent systems in the regions. The meeting also honored the agents who have achieved excellent results in the past period. The event took place in a cozy, intimate, and equally vibrant atmosphere with musical performances, lucky draws, and gift-giving.

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