In 1886, the Congress of the American Federation of Labor passed a resolution declaring that the Labor Day for all workers was eight hours, beginning May 1st, 1886, in the city of Chicago. The Congress chose May 1st because it marks the start of the accounting year in US factories and enterprises. Additionally, new contracts between employers and employees are signed during this time. Therefore, International Labor Day on May 1st not only means to praise the labor force and fight for peace but also presents the spirit of democracy and progress in society.

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In Vietnam, the first International Labor Day was celebrated in 1930. On May 1, 1946, International Labor Day was celebrated in Hanoi capital with the participation of 20,000 laborers. Since then, May 1st is designated as a statutory holiday for workers across the country by the State.

Video: Happy Vietnam Liberation Day 30/4 and International Labour Day 1/5

On the occasion of International Labor Day on May 1st, Binh Minh would like to extend our best wishes to our customers for a joyful holiday. May you find relaxation for both body and mind to work with high productivity and achieve great success in your work and life.


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