Binh Minh Aquaculture Development Co., Ltd

History of formation and development
Our company was established in 2012

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Binh Minh's goal is to build an ecosystem

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Binh Minh constantly combines experience

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We built a system of domesticated shrimp hatcheries according to international standards. Thanks to that, our business reached a capacity of 3 billion postlarvae in 2020, resulting in Binh Minh being one of the three most trusted shrimp hatchery brands in Vietnam.

Completing the process of commercial shrimp farming using completely microbiological technology. Transferring clean shrimp farming process to farmers to form farms according to international standards.

Our business will cooperate with processing factories in Vietnam, forming a value chain of Vietnamese shrimp to supply quality shrimp sources to the world market. Besides, it also helps stabilize prices for shrimp farmers in Vietnam.


Are you looking for a shrimp line with fast growth, reaching a large size, and a reasonable price? You can refer to the reliable and quality shrimp postlarvae source of Binh Minh Aquaculture Development Co., Ltd. Binh Minh domesticated shrimp postlarvae are currently the unit that uses 100% of imported broodstock directly from reputable corporations in the broodstock production field. It is not only recognized by experts but also highly appreciated by farmers. With disease-free broodstock, bred and selectively selected for traits over many generations, the domesticated shrimp postlarvae have a fast growth rate, reach a large size, and improve the shrimp resistance better than wild shrimp sources. It helps farmers harvest big shrimp in a short time, reduce production costs and bring high economic efficiency.

In addition, Binh Minh domesticated shrimp postlarvae have deployed many experimental farming models to evaluate the economic efficiency of each broodstock line. The aim is to eliminate unsuitable broodstock sources in Vietnam, reduce risks and increase success rates for farmers. We also show the most appropriate recommendations to farmers when using our company’s products. If you want to get a fast-growing source of shrimp postlarvae to help reduce costs and increase economic profit, you can use Binh Minh’s disease-free shrimp postlarvae with bred domesticated broodstock to improve the growth rate. Besides, the shrimp postlarvae production process uses by microorganisms and probiotics entirely; and the broodstock source is properly exploited according to world standards, helping to ensure the quality and growth rate of postlarvae.

We understand that the health of postlarvae and the level of disease-free genetic resources are important factors affecting the survival rate of shrimp as well as the economic efficiency of our customers. Therefore, Binh Minh company focuses on investing in raising shrimp broodstock and nursery systems. They are distributed from the Central of Vietnam areas to the Southwest provinces to ensure a good production environment, short convey time, and good health of postlarvae when reaching customers. In addition, Binh Minh’s all shrimp postlarvae products are tested by PCR technique and certified by the authorities for disease-free quarantine before delivery. Besides, the company also supports lowering salinity from 5 to 30 ppt so that shrimp can adapt well to pond conditions.

Currently, Binh Minh domesticated shrimp postlarvae have four production zones. Our Binh Minh’s domesticated broodstock area locates in Ninh Thuan, which has the best conditions for producing shrimp postlarvae in Vietnam with clean seawater, high mineral contents, and favorable weather. The nursery system divides into two parts. They are located in the Central of Vietnam and the Southwest areas to optimize delivery time and ensure the best health of shrimp postlarvae when reaching customers. In addition, to strengthen the system’s ability to control pathogens and biosecurity, our company distributes all southern production sites located in freshwater areas of the Mekong Delta. It contributes to minimizing the possibility of pathogens entering from saltwater and brackish water environments. Vung Tau is the source of saltwater to serve these systems. With the view of companionship – sharing – success toward long-term cooperation, Binh Minh shrimp postlarvae are currently providing high-quality domesticated shrimp postlarvae sources at the most reasonable prices in the market. We want farmers to have the opportunity to experience and feel the quality of genuine American shrimp.

If you want to know more about the product lines of Binh Minh Shrimp Postlarve, please contact us for more information: 1900 86 68 69.